Phottix LP-E8 TITAN

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SKU: 20295 - Li-Ion baterija - ćelije Made in Japan - 1020mAh, 7.2V - za Canon EOS 550D, EOS 600D, EOS 650D ...

Phottix LP-E8 TITAN

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Product Description

Rechargeable battery Phottix® TITAN LP-E8 Li-ion  is an analog of Canon LP-E8 rechargeable ba140ttery, that works for Canon 550D
Phottix Titan Li-Ion rechargeable batteries are made of high-quality cells. The Phottix Titan rechargeable battery became highly acclaimed by many professional photographers for its excellent reliability, efficiency and safety features.
The Phottix Titan batteries are of Li-Ion type, which causes no lazy battery effect, and allows recharge the battery without its prior full discharge. The Phottix Titan battery is compatible both with original chargers and their substitutes.
When buying the Phottix Titan battery, it is guaranteed that NO damage to the camera canIn order to reach the battery’s maximum efficiency, follow the following instructions before its first usage:

    * Insert the battery inside the charger
    * Charge the battery in full
    * Use the battery until it fully discharges
    * Charge the battery in full
    * Repeat the charging and discharging cycle for 3 – 5 times.


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